Dubai Announces Crypto Valley project at Davos 2020
    Alipay partner Tranglo integrates Ripple’s remittance payments
    Japan Has No Plans For A Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency
    Current Legal Tussle Between The US Securities & Exchange Commission and Telegram
    Tether Launches Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

      Tether Launches Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

    • Tether, the company behind the USDT stablecoin has just announced the launch of a new crypto asset. The company's latest product to introduce the US Dollar (USDT) market is gold-backed digital tokens. 

    Bank of England consider adaptation of digital currencies
    TM One partners S. Korea's FNSV for blockchain secure authentication solutions
    Vodafone Leaves Libra Project
    Initiated The Introduction Of Blockchain Analysis To Track Cybercriminals
    Venezuela approves crypto casino to support Petro
    Crypto is Not Banned, Reserve Bank of India confirm

      Crypto is Not Banned, Reserve Bank of India confirm

    • The Supreme Court of India held a trial hearing on the ban on cryptocurrencies by the Reserve Bank of India.
       In India, a bill is proposed to promote blockchain as a national policy, but prohibit transactions entirely on cryptocurrencies.

    Facebook’s Stablecoin Libra Is No Closer to Release
    South Korea To Impose 20% Tax On Crypto Transactions
    Peter Schiff Lost Access To His Bitcoin Holdings

      Peter Schiff Lost Access To His Bitcoin Holdings

    • The popular economist and well-known nocoiner, Peter Schiff, has said that he’s lost all of his bitcoins because of a forgotten software. He took his rant to Twitter, outlining that the lost bitcoin has no market value, on top of having no intrinsic value
    Tezos Foundation Announces Mainnet Faucet For Developers
    Why Bitcoin Price Still Has Surge Potential After Impressive 43% Monthly Gain
    Nigeria: How Blockchain Can Uphold Democracy
    36% Of US SMEs Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

      36% Of US SMEs Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

    • According to a study by Zogby Analytics, 36% of the 505 small and medium-sized businesses in the United States with revenue of less than $ 5 million and less than 100 employees accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. In addition, m
    Libra Association establishes technical steering committee
    New Hampshire legislators dismissed crypto tax bill