What is the best anonymous currency?

What is the best anonymous currency?

What is best about what is the most successful is difficult to quantify. Market value or price growth is not a true indicator of the success of cryptocurrency projects, and adoption rates are also important.

From March to December 2017, the value of Verge ($ XVG) increased from 1sat (0.00000001BTC) to 1972sat (0.00001972BTC), which was mainly due to the recommendation of John McAfee, and the market value growth performed poorly, but you have to Ask what is the best anonymous currency, most people will say Monero ($ XMR).


The authors screened 10 anonymous currencies on Coingecko as follows:

  • Monero

  • Dash

  • Zcash

  • Bytecoin

  • Komodo

  • Verge

  • Zcoin

  • Beam

  • Grin

  • Horizen


The Chinese Monero community has translated Mastering Monero's book into Chinese and is ready to publish it. Monero is now accepted as a payment tool in Travala, which means you can now book your hotel with Monero.

Reddit user fluffy_doggy has released the list of the 100 richest Monero addresses, all of which lack values, just a question mark. This post is widely circulated on the Internet.

Comments: It is said that the anonymous coin boss is well deserved. How many forks of small anonymous money are fed. A generation of god coins. I used to buy Monroe for $14. But I didn't cherish it. The peak has risen to 1,000 yuan.


Dash recently partnered with the e-commerce platform IQ CashNow to bring privacy to a wider audience.

There are currently more than 700 ATMs in the world that accept Dash. It is estimated that one-tenth of the world's cryptocurrency ATMs can provide Dash cryptocurrency.

Comments: Dash compared to its anonymity, I think its biggest contribution to the industry is actually the main node. With the emergence of competing products such as Zcash, Grin, and Beam, Dash has no advantage in anonymity. The only thing that can be done is probably its ATM automatic counter.


The Zcash parent company announced to the community and the foundation that the trademark negotiations with the Zcash Foundation for several months have failed.

The Zcash Foundation awarded 1170 ZEC ($55,000) in prize money to ZecWallet's Light Client Program. Lightweight wallets reduce the time it takes to download and sync to the blockchain, making it easier for novices to get started.

Comments: Zcash has not been very successful recently, mainly because of the controversy over how much miner tax is collected within the foundation, and the development progress is not satisfactory. The release of the overall currency and the selling pressure are still very large, and the price of the currency is not ideal. With the emergence of competing products such as Grin and Beam, Zcash is not optimistic.


Bytecoin's Zero Public Beta was released this week. Bytecoin Zero is a browser-based wallet for the Bytecoin platform - this allows users to access BCN directly from their browser without having to open their desktop wallet without any impact on security. Bytecoin Zero's design has several key concepts: zero-trust operations, mobile-first methods, and adaptability.

Comments: Bytecoin impressed me the most is that after the online currency security, do not allow recharge, single-machine pull, and then open the recharge and then fall back to the rise. But then again, it still contributes to the history of encryption. Without Bytecoin, there is no Monero. And Monero may be one of the few successful Fork coins in the history of the currency. That's right, Monero is Fork's Bytecoin.


This is an important week for the Komodo team's Atomic Swaps. The Komodo platform is able to promote the first privacy currency between $KMD and $NIX, Atomic Swap.

Komodo's AtomicDEX is online, although it is currently in public beta and can be used on Android and iO. AtomicDEX is the world's first local mobile decentralized exchange to promote Atomic Swaps for assets.

Comments: Komodo is one of the few anonymous coins that do DEX. DEX still has a lot of room for the future, and with the launch of the Cosmos IBC cross-chain agreement, DEX may be pushed to a new level. Komodo's DEX is arguably the first mover. Maybe some kind of contact and cooperation with Cosmos will be made in the future. Like Komodo's exploration on DEX.


This week Verge was added to the Bitnovo ecosystem, which means you can now use Verge in more than 30,000 stores in Europe. Verge Currency will also be added to the Ellipal hardware wallet in the near future.

Verge has a new iOS wallet with additional features like hidden balances and wallet cleanup. The Verge Education University is moving towards an operational platform that educates the masses about blockchain, cryptocurrency and privacy.

Comments: Verge, the last bull market pulled a few hundred times. Speaking of it, Xiaobian once bought it. When I bought it, I bought millions of verge. When the bull market is at the highest price, it is worth millions. However, after the bull market, it was a mess. Where to come from where to go. Anonymity is not too strong, it is just like it. Its anonymity has been criticized by many peers.


Zcoin's Lelantus paper focuses on recent developments at the Security Economics Conference on Encryption.

Lelantus will also bring privacy to the Zcoin blockchain by default. Zcoin has realized that when privacy is an option, few people choose an extra level of privacy, which may reduce the overall privacy of the network.

Comments: The relationship between Zcoin and Zcash is equivalent to ETC and ETH. It was also very popular at the time. In terms of anonymity, it is naturally a lot worse than Zcash. The team is not as good as Zcash. I remember that I also got the main node~


The BEAM team successfully completed their Hard Fork to support confidential assets, support payment channels, PoW spam prevention methods and new minimum fees.

Some enhancements to the wallet this week, as well as CLI + API, Laser Beam, Android, iOS and Linux apps.

Comments: Emerging Anonymous Currency. Same as Grin. It is very strong recently. In terms of price performance, it is much stronger than Grin. Double the bitcoin price from the bottom. In contrast, Grin fell back to the original point of bitcoin. In terms of development progress, it seems to be much faster than Grin. Recently, it has won an increase in Continue Capital. It is worth mentioning that Beam also regularly donates to Grin. Extraordinary.


Grin announced their financial report for the second quarter of 2019. Their disposable funds have increased nearly seven times and they have been receiving donations. At present, the finances are still good.

Binance Academy provided a good explanation for MimbleWimble, a technology that powers Grin and BEAM.

Comments: Born with a golden key. Numerous capital layouts. It’s been awesome to be blown by the media before it’s online. It is indeed idealistic. Rich in geek spirit. But retail investors are not friendly. Grin's best way to get involved is mining. Not a secondary order.


Horizen has been busy releasing their Mini nodes this week, which will bring Horizen closer to significantly enhancing the scalability and decentralization of the Horizen ecosystem.

The Horizen sidechain is being tested between multiple nodes. The team was excited about the content provided by the Mini node and the sidechain. Horizen announced that their weekly team meeting will be open and the Horizen white paper has been translated into French.

Comments: It is also the fork of Zcash. The feature is the blessing of foreign capital GrayScale. There is a Horizen trust fund. But to be honest, it has always been tepid.

Dusk Network

Dusk recently launched Whitepaper 2.0 and is continuing to develop their zero-knowledge proof virtual machine.

White Paper 2.0 provides an in-depth overview of the technology deployed in the Dusk Network protocol.

Comments: Recently I went to the currency security DEX. Followed by the currency board. It seems that some people know in advance that they want to go to the currency and then buy a mouse warehouse. Many people have also sent friends to show off their layout in advance. But if you don't know the news in advance, how can you lay out the coin so confidently?

Loki Network

This week, Loki released a public chat feature for its decentralized end-to-end encrypted messaging application, Loki Messenger, which allows large-scale hosted community conversations, similar to large telegraph channels.

Loki Messenger Update and Loki News Feed have been added to the app, and user-created feeds are coming soon. You can also add friends by scanning the QR code displayed in the Loki Messenger app.