The Top Bitcoin, IOTA and Ripple News of the Week

Bitcoin in the Cave of the Bears

So quite the Bitcoin course in the past week did not want to break out of the bear market. However, this does not mean that there are no opportunities to profit from the ups and downs of the crypto market . At the political level, the situation in China is clearly responsible for the tense situation - which became particularly clear in the middle of the week Of course, that does not stop the developer community from constantly improving the protocol. In this context, there was again a Bitcoin Core update last week . Even at the adaptation level, the ecosystem does not sleep. So the news reached us that Bitcoin ATM gradually conquer the shopping centers of the USA .

Incidentally, the Bitcoin price was $ 1,000 six years ago. We took this as an opportunity to look back and consider what that might mean for the future .

IOTA builds bridges

The IOTA Connector builds a bridge between Hyperledger Fabric and Tangle. As a result, data from smart contracts running on Hyperledger can be transferred to IOTA Tangle and processed there. This has the advantage that users can process their associated payments through IOTA without paying any fees .


"Economically irrational": Study reveals deficiencies in the Lightning network

The Bitcoin-Lightning network promises better scalability through an off-chain solution by offloading the Bitcoin network. In short, transactions that run through Lightning should be faster. But according to a recent study , the network still has shortcomings. The criticism: According to Hungarian scientists behind the study, the Lightning network does not make economic sense.

Ripple acquires another Moneygram stake for $ 20 million

Moneygram announced at the beginning of last week that Ripple has invested $ 20 million in the referral service provider. The crypto company from California has increased its own shares with this step ; At the beginning of the year, Ripple had already invested $ 30 million in Moneygram.

Bitcoin Ecosystem: What else happened

The dispute over Envion's ICO scandal went into the next round last week. However, the liquidation procedure and the possibility for investors to assert their claims have been extended . Meanwhile, the Altcoin project EOS is in a state of self-crisis. The New York delegation of the project criticized centralization in its own ranks . Meanwhile, the Red Cross has also discovered Bitcoin technology. It intends to use the block chain to the economy in underdeveloped areas of Kenya to support .